Mortenson Family

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Mortenson family

Current location: El Progreso, Honduras

Current update: October 2018

Media presentation: Mortenson video

The Mortensons are from Pensacola, FL, and they responded to God’s call on their lives during their church’s missions conference in 2015.  Over the past 10 years Nate has been a Deputy Sheriff working in patrol and the Criminal Investigations Division.  As a family they have tried to make themselves available to serve in many ministries at their home church (West Florida Baptist Church).  They have served as leaders of the Wednesday night children’s program, have been substitute Sunday School teachers, sang in the choir and were leaders in the church’s annual kid’s crusade. They are starting their deputation in the summer of 2016, and are eager to get to the field and join the team.  Their goal is to be fully supported and ready to move to the field by December 2017.  As part of the team they will be assisting in the administration of the church, helping in the children’s ministries, and the team’s out reach programs.  For more information about the Mortenson’s you can contact them by email at

Nate Mortenson
(850) 313-6489

BIMI Missionary #1576

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