Mortenson Family

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Mortenson family

Current location: El Progreso, Honduras

Current update: March 2019

Media presentation: Mortenson video

The Mortensons are from Pensacola, FL, and they responded to God’s call on their lives during their church’s missions conference in 2015.  For 10 years Nate was a Deputy Sheriff working in patrol and the Criminal Investigations Division.  And as a family they have tried to make themselves available to serve in many ministries at their home church (West Florida Baptist Church).  They have served as leaders of the Wednesday night children’s program, have been substitute Sunday School teachers, sang in the choir and were leaders in the church’s annual kid’s crusade.
The Mortenson’s completed deputation and arrived on the field at the end of May 2018 and began studying the Spanish language.  After completing formal language learning in May of 2019, they will become more involved church administration, and helping in the children’s ministries as well as other team outreach ministries.  Also as the Lord opens the door Nate desires to teach Bible in the public schools of our community.
For more information about the Mortenson’s you can contact them by email at
Nate Mortenson
(850) 564-8475
BIMI Missionary #1576
There are many items that a missionary enjoys from back home, but are either unavailable or too expensive to buy in their country of service. If you would like to be a blessing to a missionary far from home, consider buying some of the items listed below.
Animal Crackers
Cheez-It’s (Cheddar Jack, Original, Duoz)
Double Stuff Oreos
Goldfish (flavor blasted)
Pringles (Cheddar and Sour Cream and cheddar)
Club Crackers
Maple Syrup
Archer Farms (Target) fruit strips
Biscoff cookies and spread
Milky Way midnight
Cheesy Peanut Butter Crackers
Ricola cough drops
Dark Chocolate M&M’s and Peanut M&M’s
Albaneses Gummy Bears and Sours
Beef Jerky
Teddy Grahams (all flavors)
Sour Patch kids
Sriracha (hot sauce)
Herbal teas
Nate: I enjoy working with my hands, small woodworking projects, etc, tools, anything cop related, and sports.
Cori: Blank Cards, Bath and Body Works (citrus scents), Yankee Candle (no floral), Coffee, Coffee decor, Dark Chocolate, accessories and craft supplies for a Silhouette Cameo.
Mykenzie: American Girl, Lego Friends Legos, Books (Missionary stories, American Girl) Paris Decor.
Grant: Legos, Catching Animals, plastic (Schleich) animals, Superman, Nerf Guns.
Blake: Hotwheels cars and tracks, Batman, Legos and All sports (favs are soccer and baseball), Nerf Guns.
Savanna: Stickers, Babies, American Girl, Shopkins and books (Especially the Pout Pout Fish books and Llama Llama), Tsum Tsums.

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