Marie Lea-Wilson


Marie Lea-Wilson

Current location: El Progreso, Honduras

Current update: March 2019

Marie Lea-Wilson is a Registered Nurse from Baltimore, MD with a combined 5 years’ experience working in University of Maryland Medical Center Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Psychiatry Unit. During her nurse’s training she learned most of her Spanish while volunteering in her local church’s Spanish Ministry. After graduation and while working at her hospital she became certified to interpret for Spanish-speaking patients. During this time she also learned American Sign Language (ASL) in her home church, and used it to serve in her church’s Deaf ministry. This included teaching a Deaf women’s Bible study and a Deaf children’s Sunday School class. Prior to college, Marie was homeschooled. During that time she had the opportunity to learn piano and professional clowning, both of which she consistently uses as a missionary today.

Marie’s main goal in working with Team Honduras is to begin a Deaf Ministry at Iglesia Bautista el Faro. She has learned LESHO (Honduran sign language) and is currently training a national couple in LESHO and Deaf ministry philosophy. Located in a 3rd-world country, the city of El Progreso has a large Deaf population (over 1,000), most of whom know little sign language. Iglesia Bautista el Faro looks forward to reaching these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipling them through a Deaf ministry. Marie would also like to see Deaf and hearing people trained to reach Deaf people in other cities of Honduras and Central America in the years to come.

Marie has lived in Honduras since January, 2017.

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Wish list:

There are many items that a missionary enjoys from back home that are either unavailable or too expensive to buy in their country of service. If you would like to be a blessing to a missionary far from home, consider buying some of the items listed below.

Lavender soap, lotions (thicker, body-butter type), black licorice, dark chocolate, dried fruit, candy corn, quartets / a cappella Christian music CDs, journals, writing stationery

Birthday: October 14

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