Goins Family

Goins family

Current location: El Progreso, Honduras

Current update: February 2019

The Goins family arrived in Honduras in December of 2004, after one year of language school in San Jose, Costa Rica. They have been instrumental in the founding of one church so far, Iglesia Bautista El Faro in El Progreso, Honduras. Matt currently serves as the lead pastor and Bible Institute director. Dallita faithfully directs the ladies and nursery ministries while also homeschooling their three boys, Joash, Jadon, and Justus.

E-mail: goinsfamily@teamhonduras.com

Sending church
West Florida Baptist Church
5621 Hwy 90
Milton, FL  32583

Missions Agency
P.O. Box 9
Harrison, TN 37341

Field Address:
Apartado Postal 78
El Progreso, Yoro CP 23201
Honduras, C.A.

.    -Matt, November 21
.    -Dallita, March 7
.    -Joash, January 3
.    -Jadon, February 19
.    -Justus, April 25

There are many items that a missionary enjoys from back home, but are either unavailable or too expensive to buy in their country of service. If you would like to be a blessing to a missionary far from home, consider buying some of the items listed below.

Food Items:

  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Snyder’s pretzel pieces (all flavors)
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Snickers peanut butter squared
  • Cheez-Its (Cheddar Jack, Duoz, Original)
  • M&M’s (Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate mint)
  • Archer Farms (Target) trail mixes (Dark Chocolate Espresso; Cashew, Cranberry and Almond; Blueberry Nut; Caramel Cashew)
  • Almonds and Pecans
  • Double Stuff Oreos
  • Pringles
  • Beef jerky, Slim Jims
  • Combos


Dallita:  Yankee candles (home fragrances), Bath & Body Works (fruity fragrances), dark chocolate
Matt:  amazon or apple gift cards, hiking, sports trading cards
3 J’s: sports trading cards, outdoor toys, soccer (favorite teams: USA and Chelsea FC)

Ministry Items:

GBC Pro-click binder spines and covers (transparent and black or navy blue)